It All Starts With Education
Amina (right) holds her cousin and poses with her uncle's wife.

It All Starts With Education

It’s common for orphans to live with an uncle or aunt. Such is the case for Amina, a 17-year-old Ghanaian girl.

Amina’s parents passed away in 2004 due to illness, and she now lives with her uncle and his family in a two-bedroom shanty home. It did not take long for her uncle to realize how much of a financial burden it was to provide for her. He had a low monthly income from petty trading and struggled to meet her education needs.

She learned about Zakat Foundation of America’s (Zakat Foundation of America) Orphan Sponsorship Program and enrolled. She receives monthly support that goes toward her education and overall livelihood. She’s able to complete her studies and work toward her goal of designing dresses.

“Before receiving support, there was a delay in payment of school fees,” Amina said. “This affected my academic performance a bit. In addition, the school uniforms and sandals were also few.”

She said Zakat Foundation of America’s help has improved her education partly because her school fees are paid in full and do not interrupt her learning. She now has enough for uniforms and supplies.

At home, Amina is responsible for fetching water daily to cook and clean, as well as keeping up with her schooling and studies. She spends her free time playing with friends.

It’s thanks to your generosity that Amina has the opportunity to perform and excel in school. Amina is a high school junior expecting high marks on her final exams.