Interaction Tours Zakat Foundation of America Facilities in Turkey

Interaction Tours Zakat Foundation of America Facilities in Turkey

Zakat Foundation of America has the privilege of being a member of Interaction, an alliance of globally conscious NGOs committed to tackling the world’s most pressing problems together. Interaction is a leader in the fields of sustainable development, human rights, and environmental justice, acting as the hub of an international network of over 180 non-profit organizations around the world.

Its CEO, Sam Worthington, and Vice President of Humanitarian Policy and Practice, Patricia Macllreavy, both recently toured Zakat Foundation of America’s facilities in southern Turkey, which have overseen relief efforts for thousands of Syrian refugees in recent years.

Hosted by Zakat Foundation of America staff member Ihssan Tahir and Zakat Foundation of America’s Turkey Programs Director, Mazhar Islam, the two leaders of Interaction visited Zakat Foundation of America’s regional office in Gaziantep. They also toured a Zakat Foundation of America-sponsored dormitory for vulnerable children, and Zahra University, where currently over 300 displaced Syrian students are continuing their dream of higher education.

Mr. Worthington and Ms. Macllreavy also took the opportunity to visit some of the refugee families whom Zakat Foundation of America supports in the area. Zakat Foundation of America was honored to host these esteemed visitors, and may it be the sign of a long, fruitful collaboration between the organizations going forward.

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