India: Cold Weather Relief Program Update

Cold Weather Relief Program Update

A cold winter presence continues in various areas of India. In Hubli, North Karnataka, India temperatures below average, especially at night, have caused extreme discomfort for the poor, who lack the means to protect themselves from the cold. Zakat Foundation of America continues to provide warm blanket distributions through its Cold Weather Relief Program that began in New Delhi, a southern India town of Hubli.

Zakat Foundation of America’s representatives chose elderly recipients in Hubli to receive blanket donations, since there is a large population of impoverished elderly people in that area who receive minimal support from family and outside sources.

Rajabi Bepari, an 80 year old widow from the slums of Ganesh Peth, Hubli has sacrificed her entire life to support her only son after the death of her husband. Her son’s untimely death left Rajabi the responsibility of helping her daughter-in-law provide for the three daughters that her son left behind. There have been many nights when Rajabi drank only water for dinner in order for her son and grandchildren to eat.

Rajabi rents a small house with a broken roof and cannot afford to buy a blanket for herself. When Rajabi accepted the warm blanket from the Zakat Foundation of America volunteer, there were tears in her eyes from relief.
Warm blankets were distributed to those in need in the areas of Chetana Colony, Anandnagar, and Islampur. A palpable sense of relief was felt from Rajabi and other blanket recipients. The blankets offered them protection from the winter cold.

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