Inauguration of Kenyan Mosque Brings Community Together

In November the Muslim community of Nambuya, Kenya, inaugurated the new mosque built through the generous sadaqa jariyah contributions of Zakat Foundation of America donors.

The local Zakat Foundation of America representative sent this account:

Business came to a standstill in Nambuya on Saturday November 1, 2014, when Muslims and non-Muslims from the surrounding market centers came together to open the first ever mosque in their town.

The ceremony was absolutely colorful given the excitement of the people in the location. When the first adhan was made, the community was jubilant. Women ululated and sang songs of praise. During the prayers, non-Muslims surrounded the mosque to observe the Muslims in prayer. As a result, more than seven non-Muslims embraced Islam.

The Masjid Al-Saad was opened by guest of honor Sheikh Irshad Ibrahim from World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) East African Office, and Assistant County Commissioner Mr. Benson Kosgey from the Office of President.

During the inauguration, Sheikh Irshad praised Zakat Foundation of America for the work it is doing in supporting Muslims in the rural areas of Kenya through mosque projects, water wells and seasonal programs. He donated hundreds of Holy Qurans to the mosque and community.

Assistant county commissioner Mr. Kosgey praised Zakat Foundation of America, saying, “The construction of the many mosques by Zakat Foundation of America in my jurisdiction has nurtured spiritual growth which has contributed to the security in the district.”

The local leaders thanked Zakat Foundation of America and its donors, whose funds made the construction of Masjid Al-Saad possible, and prayed that Almighty Allah reward them abundantly.

Zakat Foundation of America built Masjid Al-Saad for the Nambuya Muslims who have not previously had a mosque. They had to walk more than five kilometers over muddy and rocky footpaths to reach the nearest mosque, and when that was not passable, resorted to praying under a tree. Zakat Foundation of America came and constructed the mosque in under 70 days. Until the community saw the mosque and heard the adhan, they never believed they would have a mosque. Allah Akbar!

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