Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief: Clean-up and Distribution Continues

Two weeks after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, Zakat Foundation of America’s (ZF) disaster relief work continues. Derek Garner lives alone in Dover, Delware, and is unable to work due to a disability. After Sandy hit, Derek’s home flooded, leaving Derek with no heat and a broken sump pump. On Saturday, Nov 10, ZF volunteers gathered at the ZF Center in Delaware and headed over to Derek’s home for Hurricane Sandy disaster relief work.

ZF pumped all the water out of Derek’s home and now Derek has power and hot water. Derek and his father, who contacted ZF about the flooding, were both extremely grateful to ZF for the disaster relief work we are doing on the East Coast.

Atlantic City, N.J. is an area that experienced some of the worst damage by the hurricane. On Sunday, six ZF volunteers from the ZF Center in Delaware drove up to Masjid Muhammad in Atlantic City to help out with some of the damage caused by the hurricane. The Masjid had accumulated three feet of water, destroying everything inside. ZF volunteers spent the day cleaning up the Masjid and ZF is sending supplies to get the Masjid operational once again.

Along the East Coast, power in some areas has been out for over 10 days, forcing families to leave their homes to stay warm. In N.J., ZF installed a generator in a home with a new baby and elderly family members. ZF is working around the clock to help victims of Hurricane Sandy in need.

ZF is also operating three distribution centers along the East Coast. Circle of Hands, a Muslim organization in Delaware has donated relief supplies to ZF worth over $2,000. Islamic Society of Delaware donated $5,000 to ZF for Hurricane Sandy relief work. And Islamic Society of Chester County in Pennsylvania has donated a van filled with relief supplies to ZF.

Kids at the ZF Center in Delaware even got involved and raised about $300 for Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief.

At our distribution centers we are collecting new items for hurricane victims including: blankets, coats, hats, gloves, scarves, underwear and socks.

Our drop-off centers are located at:


    • Delaware: 21 Prestbury Square, Newark, DE 19713


    • New Jersey: 20-10 Maple Ave. Bldg #35. Fair Lawn, NJ 07410


    • New York: Iqra Masjid, 1885 McDonald Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11223


For more information about our distribution centers or if you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at (708) 466-3369.

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