Humanitarian Response to Middle East Crisis: Zakat Foundation of America Provides Food and Medicine in Affected Area

Zakat Foundation of America Provides Food and Medicine in Affected Area

(Bridgeview, IL, 2/25/11) Many across the Middle East observed attentively to the Tunisian call for liberation. Waves of protest have caused leaders to stand down most prominently in Tunisia and Egypt and potentially Libya. These public outcries have come with a grave cost. Many have suffered greatly from displacement and injuries. Zakat Foundation of America has officially launched an Emergency Relief campaign in the region focusing on Libya to alleviate the humanitarian crisis.

Zakat Foundation of America has vigilantly responded with medical supplies, food, and volunteers. It has stood with the people providing humanitarian relief in crises areas, especially Libya. “We are focusing on Libya at this time due to the severity of the situation there. We have dispatched two humanitarian teams… Due to our presence in Egypt and Tunisia before this crisis, it was easy for our representatives to mobilize,” said Executive Director of Zakat Foundation of America, Khalil Demir. These humanitarian teams have worked relentlessly to cross the Libyan border and distribute aid. The situation in Libya worsens by the day as the need for more assistance becomes necessary, so we ask donors to contribute generously towards these efforts online at

Zakat Foundation of America will continue to raise funds to purchase food and medical supplies to transport immediately to Libya and other countries in the Middle East.

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