Honoring the Prophetic Act of Visiting the Sick

Honoring the Prophetic Act of Visiting the Sick

The table was spread with a combination of delicious Indonesian, Turkish, and Indian dishes for the purpose to feed the sick by Honoring the Prophetic Act of Visiting the Sick. One would assume these entrees were prepared by a team of international chefs, however, it was actually the hard work of ZF volunteers.

Nearly a dozen volunteers, mainly from middle or high school, spent several hours preparing the food at the Ronald McDonald house in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The food was meant for families visiting sick children at the hospital. Often, these families can become very busy and not get an opportunity to properly sit down for a meal. Providing home-cooked food was a way to support the families and their children.

“Visiting the sick is highly recommended and encouraged in Islam,” says Murat Kose, East Coast Program Director. “Therefore, we have been facilitating our volunteers, especially the youth, to visit the sick and provide meals as gifts to the caretakers.”


Honoring the Prophetic Act of Visiting the Sick
ZF has partnered with Ronald McDonald houses across the East Coast in states such as Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. If your family or friends are interested in volunteer opportunities, please feel free to contact ZF at getinvolved@zakat.org.