Homeless and  Volunteers Warmed By Athens, GA, Food Distribution

Homeless and Volunteers Warmed By Athens, GA, Food Distribution

When Chama Ibrahim decided to drive from Delaware to Athens, GA, to serve a hot meal to the homeless, she did not expect that she would learn so much from it.

“It was my first experience to be one-on-one with hungry and homeless people,” Ms. Ibrahim said. “When I was driving back home with my family, I felt so blessed to have a roof and food in this cold weather.”

As the January weather turned unusually cold for the Southeastern states, homeless families, individuals and elders of Athens, GA, gathered for a meal provided by Zakat Foundation of America in the local Salvation Army hall. It was the first in a series of planned monthly food distributions in the Atlanta area. Zakat Foundation of America East Coast office will also distribute food to the needy on Saturday, February 1, at the Islamic Heritage Museum in Washington, DC.

Close to 100 people enjoyed the nourishing meal that included chicken, fish, rice, pasta, salad, and cake for dessert. Many of the homeless elders and families were staying in the dormitory attached to the hall due to the extremely cold temperatures.

Ms. Ibrahim reflected that, “People think that there is no poverty or homelessness in America. In fact, yesterday’s experience opened my eyes big time.”

“Yes, there are hungry people,” Ms. Ibrahim said. “Yes, there are poor people. Yes, there are homeless people … and we should not live in denial.”

To support the needs of our poor and homeless neighbors, please donate to Zakat Foundation of America social service programs today.

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