Girl Scouts Plant Urban Food Garden for #ZFfeed5K Movement

Girl Scouts Plant Urban Food Garden

A group of 15 suburban Girl Scouts Plant Urban Food Garden – a community garden in one of Chicago’s largest food deserts as part of the #ZFfeed5K movement in June.

The community garden in the South Side neighborhood of Washington Park was established in conjunction with the Remake the World Veteran Center (RTW), a social service organization that serves homeless veterans and neighborhood youth, families, adults, and seniors in need. Fresh produce is particularly hard to find in Washington Park because of the absence of grocery stores and farmers’ markets within walking distance.

Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) volunteers are tending the garden and preparing food to serve at the RTW soup kitchen up to three times per week as part of the #ZFfeed5K movement, which aims to feed 5,000 meals to those in need this summer.

To relieve the hunger of those who fast by force, join the #ZFfeed5K movement, email Service-learning & Community Engagement today.

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