President Bush Thanks American Muslim Zakat Foundation

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By Global Daily News

Former president George H.W. Bush invited Halil Demir, the Director of Zakat Foundation to his office to thank him for his help towards the people of Texas during the Hurricane Harvey crisis.

In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey left one-third of Houston under water and forced 39,000 people to leave their homes and move to shelters.

During the Hurricane, the foundation sent immediate help and called it the “Caravan of Love,” which distributed various supplies and truckloads of aid.

“Zakat Foundation did amazing work, thank you,” the former president said.

Following the Zakat Foundation’s quick response to the emergency, local media praised it for its impressive relief work in Houston.

The American Zakat Foundation is a humanitarian organization in the U.S. The name Zakat is an Arabic word which means charity, which is also a third pillar of Islam.

The Foundation works to support the communication and cohesion between the various classes of society.

It helps and paves the way for those who wish to extend a helping hand and those who share values of compassion and mercy from the affluent segments of the society to help those in need.

Its aim is to meet the immediate needs to ensure self-reliance for the poor all over the world through funds raised from Muslims charities as well as from donations.