For Central African Refugee Families, Food is the Most Urgent Need

Central African Refugee

The lucky among the Central African Refugee in the camp at Sarh in Chad, have sturdy, weather-proof tents where they at least have privacy and protection from the sun and rain. But many newer arrivals, about 100 coming each day, gather sticks that they tie together and cover with scraps of whatever clothing or prayer mats they can beg or borrow.

And even for those who have shelter, the 18,000 people here have little or nothing to eat. They have escaped from Central African Republic (CAR) holding nothing but the hands of as many of their children they could gather as they ran for their lives.

On March 23, Zakat Foundation of America distributed food packages to 507 families which included flour, sugar, and oil and small cash stipends to those most vulnerable. Mr. Omar graciously thanked Zakat Foundation of America for remembering him. But as the sea of tents stretch endlessly, the need to supply emergency aid and food packages continues.

Your donation supporting refugees from the heartbreaking sectarian violence in CAR is urgently needed today.

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