Food Packages Bring Relief to Pakistan Community

Muzaffargarh, located in Pakistan’s Punjab province, was a scene of devastation in August as flash floods destroyed homes, killed livestock and contaminated clean water sources.

The region is home to low-income farmers and landless peasants. Each year, monsoon rains decimate crops and livestock, creating a shortage of food and other supplies in the area, but this year has been worse than most. More than one million people were affected by the flash floods caused by heavy monsoon rains. The Punjab and Sindh provinces were among the worst affected areas.

As soon as the news of the flooding in Muzaffargarh reached Zakat Foundation of America relief teams, they began to distribute flood relief in the form of food packages and 4,351 warm meals of meat, rice and fresh vegetables to flood victims. The food packages contain sugar, rice, lentils, tea, flour, cooking oil, and bottled water with rations for up to one week.

Unfortunately this only just begins to meet the needs of rural Pakistanis who lost everything as Ramadan ended. Each year Zakat Foundation of America provides flood relief to Pakistanis whose lives are disrupted by violent monsoon rains. Your generous contribution can feed those who are in need and assure them that although Ramadan has ended, the charity of their brothers and sisters across the world has not.

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