Fighting the Threat of Malaria in Uganda

Fighting the Threat of Malaria in Uganda

Fighting the Threat of Malaria in Uganda

In Uganda, torrential rains have caused massive flooding, destroying homes, crops and livestock, wiping out the food supply and spreading life-threatening waterborne diseases such as malaria.

The stagnant water from flooding becomes a breeding ground for mosquitos which transmit malaria to human beings through mosquito bites. Malaria transmission can be reduced by distribution of mosquito nets and insect repellents.

Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) is currently fighting the spread of malaria in Uganda by distributing long-lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets to women, men and children in areas affected by flooding. So far 1,180 nets were distributed to over 300 families and our work in the region will continue as long as there is a need for our assistance.

During the distribution, local political and religious leaders stopped by and expressed gratitude for the humanitarian efforts made by ZF. According to one of the volunteers distributing the mosquito nets, “This project restored the confidence, peace, and hope of the vulnerable people.”

Alhumdulillah, ZF was able to respond immediately in Uganda to help victims affected by the natural disaster. Please support our continued efforts to preserve the lives of the affected families and donate to our Emergency Flood Relief Campaign today.

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