Fighting the Harsh Winter in Syria

Harsh Winter in Syria

As the frigid winter months approach, the need for humanitarian aid in Syria increases by expecting Harsh Winter in Syria. Many Syrian families will go without heat and warm clothing in the upcoming months. The dangers of the season are far greater than in previous years of the conflict because much of the country’s infrastructure has been destroyed.

The recent visit of Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) leadership to Syria has inspired a renewed focus on efficiency of aid delivery within the embattled country. This year ZF will once again distribute winterization kits containing blankets and winter clothing inside of Syria and in the refugee camps in neighboring countries to defend an already vulnerable population against the dangers of harsh conditions.

Syria’s ongoing conflict is the most brutal crisis the region has seen in recent years, claiming the lives of over 120,000 civilians, displacing millions, and leaving millions cut off from food or medical care.

Please donate now to warm up your brothers and sisters before the Harsh Winter in Syria starts.

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