Executive Director Attends InterAction CEO Retreat

Executive Director Attends InterAction CEO Retreat

Zakat Foundation of America Executive Director Khalil Demir joined more than 100 CEOs of American relief organizations last week to talk crisis intervention for the world’s afflicted and sustainable development for its poor.

The retreat, held this year in Englewood, Colorado, from December 5 to December7 is convened annually by InterAction, an alliance of U.S.-based nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) with some 191 members. It brings together heads of the country’s leading charities—including the US Fund for UNICEF, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Relief International, World Vision and Save the Children—to speak about their humanitarian strategies and outcomes and to explore ideas and observations in a relaxed, private setting.

“It’s a great opportunity to share our experiences with our peers in the field of development and to learn from those who have more of it, like the CEOs of our nation’s largest organizations who have done this work for a very long time,” says Demir.

Jim Richardson, senior advisor to USAID, the governmental agency that manages U.S. foreign humanitarian assistance, also attended.

Zakat Foundation, a member of InterAction, has already created valuable partnerships with other member organizations, like Mercy Corps, whom it currently works with to help Yemen’s sesame growers to increase resilience against hunger. Last week, Zakat Foundation and Mercy Corps also teamed up to provide cash transfers via debit cards to Puerto Rico’s most afflicted hurricane victims.

Zakat Foundation is a proud member of this alliance of NGOs and looks forward to continued participation in powerful meetings that provide opportunities for CEOs to network, exchange ideas on key international development issues, and collaborate with peers.