Ethiopia: Each Drop of Water is Like A Gram of Gold

Ethiopia: Each Drop of Water is Like A Gram of Gold

Each Drop of Water is Like A Gram of Gold

Davud used to walk for hours everyday to reach water. After Zakat Foundation of America established a water well in Ethiopia’s Barbare District, Davud and others do not have to walk far to fetch water for their families. Davud’s experience with water scarcity was very painful. When a person is not able to obtain water, the value of each drop of water increases into a drop of gold in the eyes of Davud and others who have faced water scarcity.

“Zakat Foundation of America has built this blessed water well. We fell into sadness in search for water, and now water is here, and we are alive again. It is great!” Davud exclaimed.

The water scarcity in Ethiopia has had a rippling effect throughout its entire society. Conflicts develop among people over the limited access to the clean water that is available. Waterborne diseases are chronic issues for those whose only available water is contaminated. Children, who are often sent to fetch water for the family, have to prioritize obtaining water over their schooling. As a result, many young individuals are behind in their studies or have dropped out of school all together.

By the Mercy of Allah (swt), a generous Zakat Foundation of America donor came forward to build a well for a needy community in Ethiopia. Since the establishment of the well in Ethiopia’s Barbare District, fresh and easily accessible water has been readily available to the pastoralist community in that area. The well will benefit at least 200 households, an estimated 1,500 people and the animals that are crucial to the Ethiopian livelihoods.

The building of the well came just in time, as the Barbare area had recently been battling outbreaks of fatal and life‐threatening diseases, such as acute diarrhea and cholera. Therefore, the local community welcomed the well and was integrally involved in the construction process. Their involvement was a crucial factor to guarantee the up-keeping and sustainability of the well.

Through its Sadaqah Jariyyah program, Zakat Foundation of America matches donors funding interests with a poor community’s need for a life-changing development project. The project lessens the hardship for the communities, such as Davud’s village, while providing the donor with long-term rewards.

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