Establishing Relationships, Bringing Hope

Community Outreach Associate Mohammad Ibrahim followed up on four different Zakat Foundation of America programs during his recent trip to Palestine. He said his main focus is to ensure Zakat Foundation of America’s help is going to deserving people.

He checked up on orphan beneficiaries, and the Qurbani/Udhiya program in Hebron, Ramallah, Nablus and Tulkarm. He could not go to Gaza because of its limited access, but he was in contact with a Zakat Foundation of America representative there daily. He also oversaw the food package and winter kit programs.

He said food packages were mainly distributed to orphans, widows and needy families. Winter kits, which run about $60 each, included a blanket, electric heater, gloves, sweater and more, he said.

“I was focusing mainly in my visits on establishing a relationship with the families, with the family members, to give them hope, to give them self-confidence,” Mr. Ibrahim said. “I believe with a little help, with a little material help, if you give them self-confidence, that can produce much more.”

Mr. Ibrahim also followed up on last year’s medical supplies project. Zakat Foundation of America worked with Globus Relief — a nonprofit devoted to gathering, processing and distributing surplus medical and health supplies — to transport and distribute more than $250,000 worth of medical supplies. Zakat Foundation of America also distributed wheelchairs before his visit.

He said helping students, especially orphaned ones, is important because they often don’t have a source of income to buy clothes or school supplies. He said the issues that need to be addressed most are health and education.

“People can survive without food, but health, we don’t have good health facilities. If somebody needs an urgent treatment, they’ll go either to Israel or Jordan,” he said. “Nothing in the West Bank. Education, same thing.”

Mr. Ibrahim said everything is needed there, and there is room for anything donors can provide. Click here to donate to Zakat Foundation of America’s programs in Palestine.