Empowering Women in Bangladesh

Empowering Women in Bangladesh

Zakat Foundation of America distributed 40 sewing machines to graduates of its six-month sewing course living in the Hazaribagh slum of the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, during Ramadan this year.

Zakat Foundation of America provides sewing training for some of the poorest women in the slums to empower them through skill development to better provide for their families. After the course, the women who completed the training received a certificate, but many women worried about how they would get the initial capital for purchasing a sewing machine.

“My family earns very little. Despite learning how to sew, it will be very difficult for me to earn money without a machine of my own,” said Maria Akhter, a graduate of the sewing course.

So Zakat Foundation of America, through the generosity of its donors, provided sewing machines as a gift for all those who successfully finished the course and attained their certificate.

The women were thrilled to receive the equipment they needed.

“It was a big surprise for me that after giving me all the necessary training, Zakat Foundation of America also provided me with a sewing machine! It’s beyond what I could’ve asked for!” said Sakina Begum.

Another graduate, Hasina Akter, sent her blessings to those who have contributed to her empowerment, saying, “We pray and make dua for Zakat Foundation of America and those who donated in our cause.”

To help liberate others from the cycle of poverty and experience the outpouring of divine blessings that are in store for all who perform generous acts of charity during Ramadan, donate today.

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