Eco-Friendly Bags for Hubli, India Community

Eco-Friendly Bags for Hubli, India Community

To ensure the highest level of hygienic standards our meat & food packages are always packed in bags. In Hubli, Karnataka area of India all Zakat Foundation of America distributed meat, food packages, and Eid gifts are placed inside eco-friendly friendly, reusable bags. Sudents at the Zakat Foundation of America Sewing School have been hand-stitching bags out of fabric for this purpose.

As the worldwide campaign against environmentally destructive plastic bags gathers momentum, Zakat Foundation of America is setting an example amongst charity organizations by tackling this critical issue.

Worldwide, only one percent of plastic bags are ever recycled. The rest, once discarded, live in landfills for centuries or take flight littering fields, trees, and waterways. Plastic material does not biodegrade and are made from either petroleum or natural gas. The ink used on some of them also contain toxins such as lead.

In comparison, the eco-friendly bags produced by Zakat Foundation of America students in India are durable and made with the intention to be reused for the long-term, Insha’Allah. They are made from recycled and biodegradable materials and have very little impact on the environment. Even when they are thrown away, the eco-friendly bag will, over the course of time, break down into nontoxic, biodegradable pieces.

Although some Zakat Foundation beneficiaries may not know about the devastating environmental effects of plastic bags, they appreciate the usefulness of the handmade, eco-friendly bags. The production of the bags also offers the opportunity for Zakat Foundation Sewing School students to develop diverse stitching skills and techniques that may help them later in the job market.

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