Earthquake Victims Cannot Wait Any Longer

Earthquake Victims Cannot Wait Any Longer

The world’s deadliest earthquake this year has struck the Iran-Iraq border on November 12, taking hundreds of lives.  Families and authorities are still digging in the rubble for their loved ones. Fathers looking for daughters and sons, children looking for missing parents. Official estimates put the death toll at more than 500.  

Zakat Foundation is responding to this disaster in the quake-stricken Sulaymaniyah region in northeast Iraq. Most affected by the earthquake in this area are Iraqi IDPs (internally displaced people) who had taken refuge in this largely Kurdish region to escape from violence in Mosul, hoping for safety and stability.  Unfortunately, when disaster strikes, marginalized minorities and downtrodden refugees are often the last to be noticed and helped. But Zakat Foundation has reached them.

Please share some of the comfort and stability you enjoy with your sisters and brothers who are sleeping in streets beside the rubble that was once their homes.

Your donation will provide blankets, clothing, and coats to comfort Iraqi families during these cold, quake-stricken nights:   

For $50  you can provide a package of warm clothing for a family of five (includes sweaters, coats, trousers).

For $250 you can provide warm clothing for five families.

For $500 you can provide warm clothing for ten families.

You can check the UPDATE on this news HERE.