When the Earth Shook: Getting Food and Supplies to Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Victims

Getting Food and Supplies to Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Victims

On March 11, 2011 just hours after a destructive earthquake and tsunami caused massive damage and loss of life in Northern Japan, Zakat Foundation of America deployed a team of five people to the country. Zakat Foundation of America team surveyed the damage and provided aid to victims. Zakat Foundation of America received an email from the Japanese embassy in the USA thanking it for the initiative it was taking to help the Japanese people.

By the next day, Zakat Foundation of America’s team reached the affected area and was in the city of Sendai. Once there, they were able to visit people displaced by the earthquake and tsunami at the locations where they were placed by Japanese authorities. This included school buildings, convention and sports centers that were used as shelters.

Zakat Foundation of America representatives worked with local partners to prepare packages that could be distributed to the displaced victims in the areas of Miyagino, Wakabayashi, Miyagi-ken Yamamoto-chou, as well as within Sendai. These packages included water, instant noodles, biscuits, and onigiri, Japanese rice cakes. Other packages included rice, powdered milk, tea, fruit, clothes and baby diapers. The relief packages were given to local Japanese officials. The Japanese Self Defense Force, who assisted in distributing them to the evacuation centers, provided them in areas with the greatest need of assistance.

Zakat Foundation of America’s relief work in Japan is ongoing. It is committed to alleviating the duress of the needy in Japan during this time of devastation. Your charitable donation will help us to be successful in this work.

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