Doing Their Part for the Community

Islam encourages cleanliness as a key attribute for every Muslim in both a physical and a spiritual sense. Indeed, the Prophet (pbuh) taught us that purity is half of our faith. It was in this spirit that Zakat Foundation of America volunteers recently met at the Delaware Islamic Center to put the value of cleanliness into practice.

Zakat Foundation of America volunteers cleaned up the yard of the Delaware Islamic Center together with many families from the area. “This masjid is used heavily, especially during the summer, and the yard tends to get dirty fairly quickly. If you do not clean it on time, it accumulates,” says Zakat Foundation of America East Coast Programs Director, Murat Kose, who organized the event.

Projects like this have many benefits other than fulfilling our religious duty. It grants us a sense of happiness through unity. We feel connected to each other and develop a sense of trust. It is also a great life lesson for children. Lessons taught through action and community engagement provide hands-on examples of what should be done, and what morality looks like in action. Zakat Foundation of America supports projects like the Delaware Islamic Center yard clean up because it is essential to help one another for the sake of Allah (swt), just as these volunteers have done.