Delaware Governor Awards Zakat Foundation of America volunteer

Delaware Governor Awards Zakat Foundation of America volunteer

Several youth volunteers were honored at an awards ceremony by Gov. Jack Markell of Deleware in April. Nur Kose, an avid volunteer of Zakat Foundation of America, was honored as one of the distinguished guests.

Nur said Zakat Foundation of America has motivated her as a volunteer.

“When I found out about Zakat Foundation of America and all the work the organization does throughout the world to help others, I was inspired to help others in my community, as well,” she stated. “I also realized that it wasn’t difficult to help others through Zakat Foundation of America and was glad that I could do things I liked while helping others,” she added.

Nur Kose is a high school student currently residing in Delaware. She began volunteering at Zakat Foundation of America’s Delaware branch two years ago. Her primary focus is literacy and encouraging the youth to appreciate fully the joys of reading and writing. “I enjoy teaching writing workshops to younger kids and, by doing what I like, I become more fond of volunteering every day,” Nur told Zakat Foundation of America during a phone interview.

The Youth Volunteer Service Award was established by the State of Delaware to recognize young people who are making a difference in their communities. Nur understands the importance of activism and wishes that more young people would get involved. “Young people should be involved in helping others so that they know more about things going on in the world and learn to care about others more,” she said.

With her demanding schedule she still manages to volunteer for many projects sponsored by Zakat Foundation of America. Nur has several projects she is working on at the moment. They include managing an online book club called AboutCoolBooks that has inspired dozens of elementary students to pick up books rather than their remote control. This spring at the Zakat Foundation of America Delaware office she will be leading a six-week writing workshop for fourth and fifth graders. She is also organizing a project called 99 Orphans, which she hopes will get more youth groups involved in Zakat Foundation of America’s orphan sponsorship program. When asked what she enjoys doing in her spare time, she stated “I like to read and write. I also have fun making movies with my siblings although we can never agree on what to make our movies about.”

Zakat Foundation of America thanks Nur for her commitment to serving others and for supporting Zakat Foundation of America’s ongoing efforts to eradicate human suffering worldwide. We congratulate her on her accomplishment. To find out how you can get involved visit our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

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