Charity group delivers 18 tons of fresh produce to Minneapolis community

With grocery stores closed down around the Twin Cities metro area, people there don’t have a place to get their food.

So, nonprofits are teaming up and working together to hand out fresh produce and essential items to those who need it.

“It’s kinda hard since the stores been closed there’s a lot of people struggling,” said Mary Watley, who was picking up food.

When the neighborhood is boarded up, residents don’t have many options to get what they need.

“For the neighborhood, it’s been very hard all the stuff that’s been going on, breaking into stores, and all that stuff that was uncalled for. It was really uncalled for because it’s making it hard for people,” said Watley.

To fill that void, others have stepped in.

“We don’t tear down, we build up,” said KG Wilson, a community peace activist. “So, yes, I’m crushed behind what I have seen happen and if you look around us, what we’re trying to do today is trying to make sure the people have food and different hygiene and Pampers and stuff for their homes.”

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