Celebrate With Us! Zakat Foundation Organizes 5th Annual Fourth of July Cookout

CHICAGO, JULY 3, 2017 — On July 4, 2017, the Zakat Foundation of America will host its Fifth Annual Fourth of July Cookout, in collaboration with its sponsors, America’s Islamic Heritage Museum (AIHM) and Forum U.S.A.

Established in 2013, while Zakat Foundation of America and AIHM were working to provide food for the community, East Coast Programs Director Murat Kose came up with the idea of having a barbecue to bring people together.

“During that first year, volunteers from the museum and the foundation just started cooking. And people started coming. Everybody liked it, so it became a yearly event,” Mr. Kose explained.

This year, an estimated 200 people are expected to attend.

“It brings the community together,” Mr. Kose said. “Most of the people who come are not Muslim, so it gives Muslims the opportunity to share food and engage in conversations. It’s nice to get to know the community members. We encourage everybody to come, not only to eat but to interact with each other.”

This annual cookout has been successful in bringing people together, while promoting the arts, culture and history.

Event Details

Location: America’s Islamic Heritage Museum (AIHM)

2315 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave S.E., Washington, DC 20020, USA

Time: 3 to 6 p.m.

The event is free and open to the public