Bringing Comfort and Smiles to Children in Kenya and Uganda

Bringing Comfort and Smiles to Children in Kenya and Uganda

“I have never worn shoes or hijab,” Zubeda Sumeya, an internally displaced Kenyan child told Zakat Foundation of America staff upon receiving a complete outfit for Eid. “I am very grateful to Zakat Foundation of America for thinking about me. This is a miracle! I can’t believe my eyes. I feel like flying!’’

Zakat Foundation of America gave the gift of new clothing to more than 100 orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya and Uganda during Ramadan this year. The boys’ clothing packages included shirts, long pants, socks and a pair of shoes. Girls received a hijab, dress, skirt, blouse and shoes.

Zakat Foundation of America has been working in the region since 2010. Coordinator Mohammed Wangusi reports that children often go about their day almost completely unclothed. If a child is lucky she may wear as a dress an old torn blouse handed down by her mother. Although better than nothing, this garment affords little dignity or protection from dirt, insect bites or infection as the children work, play, fetch water or rest on the ground.

So the gift of a complete outfit brought tremendous joy to the children who received it. The children are now protected from harsh weather, biting ants and infections on their feet and legs.

Six-year-old Musa Ndiwa from slopes of Mt. Elgon said, “I now have shoes and will no longer be infested by jiggers. I will clean my feet and put my new shoes on so my feet won’t be covered with dust. Thank you, Zakat Foundation of America!’’

Children’s clothing limitations may interfere with school, and they may feel embarrassed to go to market, pay visits to friends or see a doctor.

“All praises be to Allah and my duas go to Zakat Foundation of America and all those who donated to enable me get this cloths and shoes,” said 11-year-old Ugandan orphan, Yusuf Wasike. “I only had one outfit. Whenever, we used to go to the river for bathing, we used to wash our clothes first and spread them on the rocks to dry. We took a bath, then sat on the rocks naked waiting for our clothes to dry before putting them on and heading back home. Now I won’t waste my time at the river, instead I will use the time to do my homework like other students in our school.’’

To bring joy and comfort to children in need, calculate your zakat and donate here.

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