Blessing the Hands that Clean Amman, Jordan

Blessing the Hands that Clean Amman, Jordan

The men whose hands keep Amman, Jordan, clean were thanked and celebrated at an iftar in their honor on July 11.

The ballroom of the Jabri Palace glittered as 150 city sanitation workers received the thanks of Syrian scholar Sheikh Rateb Nabulsi, well-known Islamic Singer Mohamad Kalaje, Zakat Foundation of America representatives and city administrators.

Amman’s Executive Director for Environmental Affairs, Emad Aldmoor, thanked Zakat Foundation of America, saying, “This appreciation emphasizes the pride that the NGOs have toward the city workers and the appreciation for their endless effort to keep our capital clean.”

Mohamed Kalaje chanted nasheeds for those assembled.

The workers received a certificate of appreciation and a small cash gift. The city honored Zakat Foundation of America with a plaque.

The event was covered widely on Jordanian media outlets, at least nine of which ran full stories.

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