Afghan School Lifting Youths’ Spirits

Afghan School Lifting Youths’ Spirits

Afghan School Lifting Youths’ Spirits

Zakat Foundation of America is covering the tuition of 133 disadvantaged students at the Afghans4Tomorrow elementary school in the Chehelsotoon district of Kabul.

The Afghans4tomorrow School was the first place to open its gate for females, some of whom were refugees. These students missed their education during years of war in Afghanistan and now that they are more than 10 years old (some up to 25 years old) they are not allowed to attend the government schools.

When we asked some of the students whose tuitions we cover to share their stories with Zakat Foundation of America, here is a sample of what they expressed, in their own words.

Hamida, 23, 7th grade:

“I was feeling very sad because I was very far from school and education every day I was thinking and talking with myself I don’t know when I become sick and scared from society, family and everyone I was not able to talk with someone… Once a month I have been visited by the doctor for my checkup. After a while my illness gets more and more, then I went to Pakistan for my illness treatment/psychotherapy. Then my parents figure out my problem and find the A4T01 school and enrolled me. Slowly I find myself, school principal and all lovely teacher help and support me now I am feeling better and also I am not going to the doctor. I can see my future in this school I want to say big thanks from my heart.”

Sanya, 15:

“I have been through many difficult periods in my life. I always wondered where and when could I possibly go to school. I have always dreamt of attending school like many other students… Currently I am very happy and feel fortunate for having the opportunity at A4T01. I want to thank you for recognizing and paying attention to me. I also want to thank God for showing me that I deserve to learn all these lessons. I also want to extend my gratitude and appreciation to the people who run A4T, for my parents, and any other organizations or people involved. In the future my greatest desire is to become a news journalist, who is fluent in Dari and English.”

Razia, 20, 9th grade:

“…After coming to Kabul my father die on heart attack, and the challenges get more and more… When I joint for the first time in A4T01 school I became very happy A4T01 school is the place that I can forget my pain and bad thoughts, in each year in class promoting school principal, vice principal and all teachers help me a lot, A4T01 is not a school this is my house where I am feeling very better calm, all my family pleasure for A4T and they are very happy from the school operations, now I just love A4T in my live the good behavior of the teachers is the reason that I would like to be a honest teacher like my teachers. Thanks a lot A4T and I love you.”

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