250 Scholarships Awarded to Deserving Students in Sri Lanka

250 Scholarships Awarded to Deserving Students in Sri Lanka

Twenty-eight year old Lebbe Sulaima and her family have come a long way in the past few years. When the tsunami struck Sri Lanka in 2004, Lebbe’s family lost their home and spent the next year travelling on foot between refugee camps for tsunami victims. This young woman, who had always wanted to complete her college education, had little hope that would ever happen. That was to change, however, when Zakat Foundation of America awarded Lebbe a full scholarship to the College of Management and Technology (COMTECH) in Sri Lanka.

Lebbe recently received her Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from COMTECH. She says that the help she received from Zakat Foundation of America is something she will remember for the rest of her life. Since graduating, Lebbe secured a job and is now supporting her family.

Zakat Foundation of America believes that the youth are our future and that’s why it’s important to educate them today. We supports schools and students all around the world, including COMTECH in Sri Lanka, where young deserving adults are given the opportunity to get a quality education for free.

In January 2012, Zakat Foundation of America extended 250 scholarships to students both men and women studying Information Technology, Human Resource Management and the English language. Zakat Foundation of America distributed the scholarships in an official ceremony before the semester began on January 9th.

Help students like Lebbe who are looking for a way to change their futures by donating today to Zakat Foundation of America’s Scholarship Assistance Fund today.

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