Cheptais Mosque, Kenya: A God Giving Gift

The needy and marginalized Muslim community of Cheptais in the mountainous areas of Kenya had hopes of constructing their first local mosque. By the grace of Allah (swt), it has been built. The construction of the modest mosque began in May 2011 and was completed before the holy month of Ramadan.

Prior to the establishment of the Cheptais Mosque, the local Muslims had resorted to performing their prayers under trees or at an old building that had a leaking roof.

Earlier this year, the Muslims of Cheptais approached Zakat Foundation of America with the objective of constructing a mosque that would enable them to perform their prayer in a comfortable environment year-round.

Zakat Foundation of America is grateful to the generous donors who quickly responded to our appeal for Zakat Foundation of America’s Sadaqah Jariyah Programs. A perpetual gift of charity, such as building a mosque in this case, generates endless blessings from the Almighty (swt) for the caring donor.

In poverty-stricken and remote area like Cheptais, kind acts from generous donors like you have a tremendous ripple effect. The Cheptais Mosque not only provides a place to hold prayer services, it also supplies locals with rain water, an ablution block for public hygiene, and a communal area for discussing development and social issues. All these offerings have strengthened and unified the sense of community in Cheptais.