Benefits of Udhiya/Qurbani

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While we are fulfilling our good intentions through Udhiya/Qurbani, we are also feeding the many needy families that only receive fresh meat at this time, since meat is very scarce in many countries.

Today, approximately 2 billion people eat less than 10 pounds of meat per year. To contrast, in a few countries, meat consumption per capita is more than 200 pounds per year.

In the US, meat consumption is 240 pounds per person each year. However, Denmark's meat consumption has reached a shocking 290 pounds per person and per year; yet in Bangladesh, a person can only eat 6 pounds of meat each year, because of the poverty and scarcity of meat in that area.

Meat consumption, per person and per year, includes 10 pounds in Gambia, 13 pounds in Sri Lanka, and 16 pounds of consumed meat in Ethiopia. These statistics show that families in need only have access to "fresh meat" at the time of Eid al-Adha.

With this in mind, please do not forget that the purpose of Udhiya/Qurbani is to give the best of thanks to Allah (swt) for all of our blessings.

Allah (swt) calls upon the believers to turn to Him through prayer and sacrifice, especially for those whom He has granted an abundance of wealth (108-1:2).

Hazrat Ibn Umar (Radiyallahu Anhu) also reports that the Messenger of Allah (swt) lived in Madinah Munawarah for ten years and performed 'Udhiya/Qurbani' every year. (Tirmizi)

Zakat Foundation of America selects the poorest countries to donate Udhiya/Qurbani meat. These people that limited access to meat, and known to house large populations of the destitute and needy; for example, the slums in Bangladesh and New Delhi, and drought-stricken Mauritania and Somalia.

Again, remember that people in the many countries mentioned here, will only have fresh meat during Eid al-Adha. With God's grace, we will continue to change the lack of meat, in the many impoverished areas mentioned above, in the near future. We will do this with our best intentions, insha' Allah.

Please do not miss this Udhiya/Qurbani. Not only will you fulfill your good intentions of Udhiya/Qurbani, your donation will provide help and hope for millions of those in need all around the world.

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