Al Rahma Clinic II Treats Over 10,000 Syrian Refugees

Abed Alrahman Mohamed is from Derraa, a small village in Syria, but fled his home for safety about seven months ago. Now residing in Al Maayeer, a Lebanese village close to the Syrian border, Abed is staying with his parents and six siblings in a room measuring only 65 feet.

Abed recently began experiencing severe stomach pain and was unable to keep any food down. Unable to afford medical treatment, Abed’s family took him to Al Rahma Clinic II, a free clinic nearby. Abed was treated by a specialist for stomach poisoning and, Alhumdulillah, is now feeling much better.

Less than a year ago, in December 2011, Zakat Foundation of America opened Al Rahma Clinic II, a free clinic in Akkar, Lebanon. The clinic is located about 3.5 miles from the Lebanese-Syrian border in a region with over 70,000 Syrian refugees.

The clinic serves between 45 and 55 people every day and since it opened, it has served over 10,000 patients, providing physical exams, medicine and follow-up treatments to patients free of charge. Zakat Foundation of America covers the cost of medical treatment for patients at the clinic during this time of crisis in Syria. Al Rahma Clinic II is the second clinic opened by Zakat Foundation of America for Syrian refuges in Lebanon. The first, Al Rahma Clinic I was opened in Wadi Khaled, less than a mile from the Lebanese-Syrian border.

Zakat Foundation of America is working inside Syria as well in the neighboring countries of Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon to provide humanitarian relief and healthcare to the Syrian people. We are currently providing aid to seven field clinics and supporting field hospitals to help victims of violence. Zakat Foundation of America is also distributing medical supplies including first aid kits to civilians inside Syria. With your help we can continue to support the people of Syria during this time of need.