Afghanistan civilians standing on building rubble

Afghanistan Earthquake Relief

Give lifesaving emergency relief to earthquake survivors

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Earthquakes Continue to Rock Afghanistan

On October 11th, a third earthquake measuring 6.3 magnitude rocked Chahak, a city outside of the province of Herat, an area previously affected by two earthquakes just days prior. With over 2,400 lives lost and over 10,000 injured, this new quake will compound the devastation suffered by these residents. Zakat Foundation continues to deliver vital aid including food, winter clothing, and temporary shelter relief. We urge you to support our emergency relief initiatives, helping surviving families secure essentials and safety. 

Child sitting on Zakat Foundation provided relief package

Rebuild, Recover and Restore

100 % of your support will go towards immediate emergency relief:

  • Our teams will help with relief and rescue efforts

  • Medical supplies, hygiene kits, tents, floor mats, and food ready for distribution

  • You support will help save lives

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