A Paradise in Need

"If ever there were a heaven on earth,
It is this! It is this! It is this!"

The breathtaking sight of the Kashmir Valley in the 17th century moved Mogul Emperor Jahingir to declaim these celebrated lines in its praise. By all accounts, God blessed Kashmir with some of the most spectacular geography in the world. But some will never behold its grandeur again because today, the people of Kashmir struggle just to survive. Caught for 60 years between rival nation-states claiming it for themselves, Kashmir’s tensions threaten to tear the region apart.

While war rages, we must not forget about the people still living and struggling through the most basic ailments of humans in distress. Still the people of Kashmir find themselves hungry, thirsty, and suffering through the bitter cold. Humans—the most complex animal in the kingdom—forever fight to survive, but survival depends on finding a balance however possible. The people of Kashmir continue trying to achieve normalcy despite the difficulties that come their way. Zakat Foundation of America, through your generous donations, offers winter kits and emergency relief supplies.

Meraj u-Din Wani, a small business owner, and his two disabled children are only three of the many people your sustained giving has benefited.

“Due to the unrest, many businesses and shops have been shut, including mine,” Wani said. “It’s hard to survive in such hard times. But we feel good after finding out that someone out there is helping us. We thank you for this support. This food distribution will support us for over one month.”

Zakat Foundation of America staff and volunteers are in Kashmir, doing what they can to make a difference by offering your generosity and compassion in the form of winter kits of blankets, coats and boots; along with life-sustaining goods, like water, rice, household supplies and medicines in these times of emergency.

“We are thankful to Zakat Foundation,” said Ghulam Nabi Yatoo, another Zakat Foundation of America beneficiary, during the distribution. “These past four months, we have seen the worst phase of the conflict. There are many starving and wounded people. Once again, we thank Zakat Foundation of America and the entire team in Kashmir for their support, especially for the poor. Your contributions have really made the difference.”

Extend your hand in generosity through ours to the innocent people of Kashmir. Make a difference by giving them reprieve in these desperate times. Please donate now.