2011 East Coast / Delaware Office Opened

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In 2011 Zakat Foundation of America opened an office in Delaware to respond to the need for social services on the East Coast. The high rate of unemployment and inequity in education found in the region prompted the opening of this satellite office. Government aid such as food stamps and Medicaid are temporary solutions, but are often not enough to run a household. This is where Zakat Foundation of America steps in.

The Zakat Foundation of America East Coast office provides several social services locally, and also serves impoverished communities in neighboring states.

Some of the services offered include:

  • A mobile soup kitchen & food pantry

  • Tutoring for K-12 students, SAT preparation, adult ESL courses, and other educational activities

  • Disaster Relief Training

  • A Foster Parenting Certification Program, offered in collaboration with government agencies, is aimed at increasing the number of Muslim families certified as foster parents