19 Tons of Potato Donation From The Zakat Foundation in California

19 tons of potatoes were provided to the Orange County Food Bank by the Los Angeles branch of the Islamic aid organization (Zakat Foundation) operating in the USA. Zakru Foundation Los Angeles executive Ebru Awad said in a statement that they donated 19 tons of potatoes to the food bank in the Orange region of California for the purpose of helping families affected by the new type of coronavirus, and there is a similar distribution of aid around Chicago and the capital, Washington DC.

Awad said, “Potato is a basic food, so everyone will need it during an epidemic. We brought trucks from Washington state with the help of a donor of our foundation. ” said.

Mark Lowry County, Director of Orange County Food Bank, for the help. More than ever before, we are living in a period where we have to help people economically affected by the coronavirus. We are grateful for your support. ” used expressions.

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