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Coffee Growing a Vehicle to Sustainable Livelihoods

Empower Yemeni Farmers

Zakat Foundation of America has been supporting sustainable livelihoods in Yemen for over a decade. We’re now partnering with The Mokha Institute to expand our reach in empowering coffee farmers, benefitting even more Yemenis.

The Institute, which American of Yemeni descent Mokhtar Alkhanshali founded, is a nonprofit that helps Yemeni farmers grow and sell coffee to create and further self-sustainable livelihoods.

They address infrastructure needs, implement coffee production best practices, and improve access for Yemeni coffee producers to the global market for specialty coffee.

Through innovation and determination, we’re proud to continue our commitment to empowering the underserved in Yemen and beyond.

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A special message from Mokhtar Alkhanshali

“Zakat Foundation of America has been a relentless supporter of our work and believers in our mission to transform Yemen’s economy through its coffee sector. We, at the Mokha Institute, extend our heartfelt gratitude to them for their sponsorship and continued support for Yemen, its coffee industry, and its people.”

National Yemen Coffee Auction

In collaboration with the Mokha Institute, we are happy to announce our support of the National Yemen Coffee Auction. The first auction of its kind, it represents the only auction in Yemen that directly connects Yemen’s coffee farmers to the global market.

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“The National Yemen Coffee Auction brings coffee — a Yemeni cultural staple — to the global stage. We at Zakat Foundation of America believe The Mokha Institute will help Yemeni coffee farmers achieve financial independence to uplift their families and communities.”
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