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Coffee Growing a Vehicle to Sustainable Livelihoods

Empower Yemenis 

Zakat Foundation of America is partnering with The Mokha Institute to expand its reach, benefitting even more Yemenis. The Institute, which American of Yemeni descent Mokhtar Alkhanshali founded, is a nonprofit that helps Yemeni farmers grow and sell coffee to create and further self-sustainable livelihoods. 

They address infrastructure needs, implement coffee production best practices, and improve access for Yemeni coffee producers to the global market for specialty coffee.

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Sustainable Livelihood Success

Sesame Farming Program

Zakat Foundation of America has already seen the positive effects of sustainable livelihoods on Yemeni farmers. Our sesame farming program in Yemen has allowed farmers to grow and sell their sesame, creating a pathway to self-sustainability and self-reliance. Partnering with The Mokha Institute will enable us to support more Yemeni farmers as they increase their yields and their means of production.

Empower Yemenis through coffee growing.

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