“I realized I was the only survivor.”

A Child All Alone in Gaza

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His home and anyone and everything he loved in it decimated in a matter of seconds. 

Ten-year-old Aziz Al-Kolak was violently awakened in the middle of the night to Israeli airstrikes that killed 23 members of his family, including both of his parents and his two younger siblings. His entire immediate family was gone in an instant.

He spent 6 hours buried under the rubble before rescuers took him to get medical assistance. 

“I watched my mom and dad bleed to death.”

All alone, he must now carry on without the loving support of his entire family. Vulnerable and displaced, Aziz will never feel his family’s loving embrace again.

Rallying Support From the World

Aziz is not alone. His extended relative in the United States sought help from Zakat Foundation of America, an organization with a proven track record to help him not just survive but help him heal as best as he can. 

There is no way we can let Aziz down.
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Working with trusted global partners, we will ensure that we can provide the care and assistance he will need. Rest assured that 100% of all donations will be dedicated to Aziz's care.

Help us:

  • Rebuild homes on Aziz's block that were destroyed by these airstrikes

  • Give Aziz the medical assistance he needs

  • Provide Aziz with ongoing medical care; including mental health services

  • Support Aziz with orphan care such as food, education, and more

Help Aziz Now


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