Zakat Foundation of America Volunteers Make a World of Difference

“It was an inspiring night, to recognize the fact that all that hard work made a difference in someone’s life. It’s a feeling of love and humanity, something I will strive to stay familiar with by helping those in need.” – Ahmad, Oak Lawn High School MSA

“No nonprofit flourishes or does work without the help of volunteers. We’ve never had the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to our volunteers as properly as we’d like to, so this was our way of doing so. This night was meant for them.” – Abdelhamid, Zakat Foundation of America Outreach Coordinator

“I would say that the event was very humbling and it gave me motivation to do more in the future Insha’Allah (God willing).” – Umar Farooq, UMMA (United Muslims Moving Ahead) at DePaul University.

“As students, we always talk about changing the world. Tonight, my team and I felt like we really helped make a difference in people’s lives thanks to Zakat Foundation.” – Saja, Loyola University