Zakat Foundation in Japan

Having emerged from its feudal past through the convulsions of a tumultuous civil war and undergone a rapid process of industrial modernization in the late 19th century, Japan soon emerged as a world power in the early 20th century. Its path of economic development and regional ambitions put the country on a collision course with its neighbors, and eventually led to its entry into the Second World War.

After its defeat in the war, Japan recovered to become a major economic power and democratic ally of the US. Following three decades of remarkable growth, Japan’s economy experienced a major slowdown starting in the 1990s, but the country remains a major economic power. In March 2011, Japan was struck by its strongest-ever earthquake whose tsunami devastated the northeast part of Honshu island. This led thousands to perish and severely damaged several nuclear power plants. The catastrophe hobbled the country’s economy and its energy infrastructure, and severely strained its capacity to deal with the humanitarian disaster.

Zakat Foundation of America rushed to the scene of the Fukushima emergency in 2011 to provide disaster relief for displaced Japanese citizens.

Sources: UN Stats | World Bank | Pew Research Center

Vital Stats for Japan

0 Population
0/1,000 Infant Mortality Rate
0 years Life Expectancy
0% Literacy Rate
0% Poverty Rate

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