Turning On the Lights, Again.

Our staff and volunteers embarked on a service trip recently to aid Syrian refugees in Turkey.  Our travel team met women with unbelievable success stories. Like Amina*:

She was imprisoned during the war. Tortured, raped repeatedly. Not once, not twice. But more than her memory can count. They forced her son to watch. Every time he turned away they violently struck him to look back.

When our staff found them refugees in Antakya, they were drowning in despair. Seeping with shame, they could not bring themselves to turn the lights on in their home, let alone go out and face the world.

But, by God’s grace, we lifted them out of darkness.

We held them gently by the hand, and put them in our mental health programs. With time, they saw a glimmer of hope. We enrolled Amina in our business training for refugee mothers of orphans. We helped her refine her craft and gave her seed money to start a business. Now, she enjoys the dignity of making her own living. She functions effectively in society.

Today, Amina and her son turn on the lights again.

This program averages 18,000 therapy sessions each month, graduating cohorts of women like Amina and constantly bringing in new war victims in need. It is only with your support that we can help them.  Donate HERE

*-name changed to protect beneficiary’s privacy. The woman pictured is a beneficiary in this program. The artwork shown is made by women in the program.