Head of Marketing & Communications

Amna Mirza

Amna Mirza is a savvy and strategic brand marketing expert who’s helped build strong brands and deliver effective award-winning campaigns. Having worked with world-renowned brands such as PBS, Independent Lens, Blue Shield of California, and Zaytuna College Amna has a proven track record of increasing market share, outperforming competition and maximizing profits through multi-channel campaigns. With over 15 years of marketing experience, Amna has a superb ability to translate research into strategy and turn strategy into compelling creative.

Director, Brand Communications

Amal Ali

Amal Ali completed her graduate studies at the University of Chicago where she conducted original and empirical research on the acculturative experiences of Muslim American youth. Amal now manages the Brand Communications vertical in the Marketing & Communications department at Zakat Foundation of America.

Prior to joining Zakat Foundation, she was the Director of Youth Development at the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC), a federation of over 50 member organizations, where she designed and directed programs that facilitate a constituent-lead culture for nurturing local youth development by training teachers, mentors and youth with an emphasis on service learning, civic engagement, spiritual and personal development, peace education, and interfaith collaboration.

Amal has over 25 years of passion-driven project management and leadership experience — from vision to execution of transformational work toward building family, youth and community wholeness. A public speaker, Amal inspires audiences to recognize their vast potential as change-makers and peace-spreaders; she awakens a spiritual and cultural identity that is rooted in prophetic tradition and manifested in action for positive social change.