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12/28/2017: Firoza’s Story
12/22/2017: ZF Field Update – Puerto Rico, Yemen, Syria
11/28/2017: Your Giving Tuesday Gift To Rohingya
11/24/2017: E-Appeal Rohingya Giving Tuesday
11/17/2017: Earthquake Victims Cannot Wait Any Longer
11/10/2017: #GivingTuesday, Give the Gift of Orphan Sponsorship
11/03/2017: Rohingya Children Share Stories of Unspeakable Pain
10/20/2017: From Chicago to Bangladesh ZF Brings Relief to Rohingya Refugees
10/13/2017: Rohingya Devastation: A Video Update From the Field
09/29/2017: E-news Sept
09/16/2017: Stateless and Persecuted: The Rohingya Desperately Need Our Help
09/08/2017: The Rohingya People Need Your Help Today
09/01/2017: Eid Mubarak
08/31/2017: There’s Still Time to Donate Your Udhiya
08/30/2017: Hurricane Harvey: Worst Storm to Hit the U.S. in Years – Here’s What You Can Do
08/28/2017: The Gift That They Will Never Forget
08/22/2017: Donate Your Udhiya/Qurbani Today!
08/16/2017: Donate Your Udhiya Today!
07/21/2017: Aliyatu Moro, 15: An Answer to Her Family’s Prayers
06/30/2017: Sahro’s Story Appeal
06/23/2017: Eid al-Fitr
06/22/2017: Do not delay: Pay your Zakat al-Fitr today!
06/19/2017: Calculate Your Zakat With Ease
06/15/2017: Give An Eid Gift: Share Joy of Eid With Orphans
06/09/2017: Ramadan Invitation
06/06/2017: Ramadan Email
05/26/2017: Ramadan Video Appeal
03/29/2017: Ahmed Kathrada email
03/02/2017: ZF Launches New and Improved Website
02/01/2017: Would You Have Stood by the Prophet (pbuh) in Medina?
01/20/2017: Give a Gift for Life: Help Us Impact a Thousand Families with a Thousand Livestock in 2017
12/14/2016: Open a Pathway of Mercy into Aleppo
11/29/2016: This #GivingTuesday, Your Generosity Can Save Lives from the Hardship of Winter
11/22/2016: This #GivingTuesday, Bring Warmth to a Family in Need of Your Kindness
11/15/2016: This #GivingTuesday, Help Shield a Needy Family from the Harsh Winter
11/08/2016: This #GivingTuesday, Protect a Struggling Refugee from the Bitter Cold
11/01/2016: This #GivingTuesday, Let Your Generosity Warm Hearts Around the World
10/19/2016: Help Us Keep Hope Alive for Poor, Flood-Stricken Areas of Southeastern US
10/10/2016: We Are Entering Aleppo and Haiti to Save Lives. Please Come with Us.
09/10/2016: Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Visits ZF Headquarters
08/05/2016: From Chicago to Gaza: True Service Knows No Bounds
07/08/2016: “Is there any reward for good other than good?” (The Holy Quran, 55:60)
07/01/2016: Reaching Out to the Most Vulnerable During Ramadan
06/16/2016: This Ramadan, ZF Is Going Above and Beyond
05/06/2016: Join ZF to Open the Doors of Mercy this Ramadan
04/01/2016: Preserving Our World’s Greatest Treasure: Humanity
03/06/2016: Countering Oppression with Prayer, Patience, and Perseverance
02/08/2016: New Year Brings Great Things Through ZF Donors’ Support
12/04/2015: ZF Launches Orphan Sponsorship Program in Jordan
11/06/2015: Refugee Crisis, Earthquake Relief, and Worldwide Winter Kit Distribution
10/05/2015: ZF Answers the Call to Help Refugees in Europe
09/04/2015: ZF Supports Rohingya Refugee Center in Chicagoland
08/07/2015: Halab Today News Covers U.S. Ambassador Visit to ZF School
06/30/2015: U.S. Ambassador to Turkey Applauds Zakat Foundation’s Dedication to Helping Syrian Refugee Children
06/08/2015: Help Us Bring Hope to the Oppressed
05/01/2015: Saving Lives from Yemen to Nepal
04/03/2015: With Hardship Comes Relief: ZF Continues to Empower Underserved Communities