Bring Reprieve to Kashmir

Tensions are reaching a boiling point in the Kashmir valley. Throughout 2016, the people of the embattled region between India and Pakistan have been caught in renewed hostilities between the two countries. With escalating demonstrations against foreign occupations, the conflict has already claimed 90 lives over the course of the year, and is set to only worsen in the near future.

Zakat Foundation of America has dedicated itself to serving the beleaguered people of Kashmir since its very start. Periods of extended fighting, such as the present, disrupt everyday life and can cut off the supply of basic goods for innocent families. As it has in the past, Zakat Foundation of America is mobilizing to bring life-sustaining food, water and household supplies to people afflicted by forces beyond their control. As long as this conflict continues, and regardless of the dangers it presents, Zakat Foundation of America staff will be on the ground working to alleviate their troubles.

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You, too, can play a part in helping our imperiled brothers and sisters in Kashmir. In the generous spirit of Allah (swt), our Lord and Creator, please consider donating today to keep this vital lifeline alive for the Kashmiri people.

Please Note: In line with Zakat Foundation of America’s policy, no overhead costs will be deducted from funds raised for this emergency relief effort. Any funds raised in excess of the amount needed for this effort will be redirected to where the need is greatest.