Over 815 MILLION PEOPLE go to sleep on an EMPTY STOMACH every night.

3 MILLION CHILDREN DIE every year due to poor nutrition … That’s ONE CHILD EVERY 6 SECONDS!

ENOUGH FOOD is produced to feed the world’s 7 billion people, YET 1/3 IS WASTED!

We can STOP HUNGER! Zakat Foundation fed 1.5 million individuals in 2017 alone!

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3 Ways You Can Support US Against Hunger


We send seasonal food packages to families in need, and emergency food aid to those caught in disasters. Last year alone, Zakat Foundation distributed 16 MILLION meals to the poor and hungry around the globe.


Help farmers grow food and build local economy to fight famine and poverty. In Gaza we build greenhouse home gardens and provide equipment and skills to grow nutritious food all year round. In famished, war-torn Yemen we help local sesame farmers produce more to eat and sell for profit boosting the local economy and building food security. And in West Africa, we empower disadvantaged women by setting up farm co-ops and providing machinery to process and sell cassava, a local staple crop used to make a variety of dishes.


We continue to lift thousands of families out of poverty by distributing mating livestock that provide a sustainable source of protein-rich dairy food and income. The cattle give birth, growing herds. Farmers then pay it forward by sharing the animal offspring to kin and neighbors, extending the program’s benefits and supporting their communities.