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What is Udhiyah Qurbani?

Udhiyah (Qurbani in Urdu) means offering or sacrifice. It is an annual ritual sacrifice that the majority of scholars say is “strongly recommended.” Hanafis hold it as “obligatory,” for anyone who can afford it during the days of Eid Al-Adhah during the Islamic month of Dhu’l-Hijjah. The sacrifice is a livestock animal: camel, cow, sheep, or goat. The meat is then typically divided into thirds. It can be distributed to family, friends, and the poor (both Muslims and non-Muslims).

This is to honor the tradition of Prophet Abraham (on him be peace). He was ready to sacrifice his son Ishmael (on him be peace) when God commanded him.

Ever wonder where your Udhiyah Qurbani donation goes when you give to Zakat Foundation?


First, we submit your order to our field workers in a country of your choice (or where most needed). They’ve been working hard to ensure your livestock is healthy, happy and humanely raised.


After we hand-slaughter your Udhiyah Qurbani according to Islamic guidelines, we then prepare and package your fresh (never canned, never frozen) zabiha meat for distribution to the poor.


Then we hand-deliver it to widows, orphans, refugees and the hunger-stricken who wait eagerly for your Eid gifts of meat — a rare treat. We reach them in 40 countries around the world!


Bringing joy and relief to those in need from India to Rwanda, Yemen to Pakistan, Bosnia to Syria, Palestine to Kenya, El Salvador and more.


Lastly — and believe us it happens every time — they raise their hands up to Allah and pray for you who sent them this food gift.

Pick from 40 countries across 5 continents to give your Udhiyah/Qurbani

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UdhiyaH Program 2020

Country Prices Per Share

If you would like to choose which country you donate Udhiyah Qurbani to, please select from the table below.

Country $/Share
Afghanistan $160
Albania $125
Argentina $100
Bangladesh $110
Benin $120
Bolivia $100
Bosnia $210
Burkina Faso $120
Cambodia $180
Central African Republic $120
Colombia $100
Dominican Republic $100
El Salvador $100
Ethiopia $120
Ghana $120
Haiti $120
India $100
Iraq $250
Ivory Coast $120
Jordan $220
Kenya $85
Lebanon $220
Macedonia $120
Mali $100
Mauritania $120
Morocco $250
Nepal $190
Niger $90
Pakistan $150
Palestine $450
Philippines $180
Rwanda $90
Senegal $90
Sri Lanka $140
Sudan $100
Syria $220
Turkey $200
Uganda $90
USA $210
Yemen $180

“This is the best Eid! Allah bless you, Allah reward you. I pray God remove every obstacle from your life, Ameen! My children will be so happy today. Thank you.”

Fatimatu, Ghana

“Even while the American people are facing COVID-19 pandemic, the love and caring of the Ummah still stands strong. It warms my heart to know they remember us and our children.”

Khatijah, Cambodia

“Before I do the udhiyah sacrifice, I prepare myself spiritually, my intentions. I am honored to do this on behalf of the donors. The best part is seeing the wide smiles on people’s faces when I bring their meat package.”

Murad, Syria