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With your help, we can make sure each orphan and vulnerable child receives enough food, adequate shelter, proper education, and necessary health care to live a quality life. Please donate today!

Zakat Foundation gives you the opportunity to make a difference.

For $50 a month, you can feed, clothe, provide basic medical care, and send an orphaned child to school. Your one-time payment of $600 covers a year of aid to a child in need.

Saleema’s Story: Here’s How Your Donation Changes Lives

Saleema 13

Saleema is an incredibly special child. At 13 years old, she excels in her studies and aspires to become a teacher.

Although Saleema lives with her mother in a poverty-stricken village in Southwest India, such difficult circumstances have not impaired her appreciation for the meaningful things in life, like family, friends, faith and focusing on her future.

Saleema typically begins her day before sunrise. She rises early to prepare for fajr (morning prayer). Soon after, she reviews her studies in preparation for her school day. She then helps her mother, Asma, with household work, which is followed by breakfast.

Saleema returns home after school to enjoy an afternoon snack and completes homework with a tutor. If there is time, she loves to play with her friends. After dinner she prepares for bed and for the next busy day.

Life, however, was not always this smooth for Saleema and her mother.

In fact it was very challenging prior to her receiving support from Zakat Foundation. Saleema explains in her own words:

“I lost my father in an accident. After my father passed, my mother and I struggled a lot. Some days, we went without basic needs. My mother used to work as a housemaid, but she got very little money. No one came to support us, not friends, nor relatives.”

Today, however, when you look at photos of Saleema and her mother, you do not see despair. You see love. You see security. You see relief that comes from not having to worry about where, or if, they will find their next meal.

Saleema embracing mother, Asma
After School Day


Saleema’s Home
Saleema colors her dream house

Saleema’s thank you letter

With the passing of Saleema’s father, her mother did not make sufficient income to feed the family or to educate Saleema.

In many parts of the world, families like Saleema’s are financially responsible for the education of their children.
Asma simply could not afford the expense of schooling.

But by the grace of God, through your support, Zakat Foundation of America began sponsoring Saleema. Since then, life has taken a positive turn.

Saleema explains in her own words the impact of your care and support:

“After sponsorship, we are able to eat three meals a day. Also, my mother is able to pay school fees, transportation, and my going to the tutor. My mother is able to feed me healthy food. Biryani is my favorite! I also enjoy new dresses and shoes for Eid. My mom and I wholeheartedly thank the donors and pray for them.”

Saleema with her amazing friends

Saleema’s friends

Zakat Foundation of America partner visiting with Saleema and mother, Asma

Smiles like this are made possible by generous donors like you. Consider the gift of orphan sponsorship and improve the lives of children all over the world by providing education, shelter, food, healthcare, and the exciting opportunity to celebrate their holidays.