Aqiqah – the forgotten sunnah?

Have You Had Your Aqiqah?

Did you know that aqiqah is something that should be performed for every newborn for the benefit and protection of the child.

If you had no aqiqah done for you, you can do the aqiqah for yourself even if you are an adult.

Donate Aqiqah


Children are a blessing and they bring an indescribable happiness when they enter our lives. The birth of a child is a time to rejoice and give thanks to the Creator by sharing with the hungry and the destitute.

Aqeeqah is a gracious program by which new parents and family members can celebrate the miracle of birth while making charitable work one of the first actions done on the child’s behalf.


Performing the sacrifice of adaq is a way to express gratitude to Allah (swt) for His blessings and is best if it is done within a week of the child’s birth. It is part of the sunnah and it is an important part of starting a new life.

An individual says the desired prayer to Him, making the intention that he or she will perform the sacrifice of an animal after the prayer has been answered. This shall protect the newborn from calamities.

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