Donate a Winter Kit Today

Donate a Winter Kit Today

As we near the end of 2016, there is no end in sight for the human suffering around the world. Waves upon waves of people stand uprooted from their foundations amidst conflict in many countries this year. Indeed, our neighbors in the world are increasingly in need of our support.

Zakat Foundation of America asks you to please remember those suffering in refugee camps and areas of turmoil around the world today. As winter dawns, all begins to freeze, putting at risk the lives of children, the elderly, and the sick. Remember the words Ibn Abbas relayed from the Prophet (peace be upon him), “Any Muslim who gives a Muslim a garment to wear will be in Allah’s safekeeping as long as a shred of it remains on him,” (Ahmad, Tirmidhi).

This winter, allow your generosity to warm hearts in countries like Afghanistan, the Balkans, India, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, and Tunisia. Let our needy sisters and brothers know we care. Please donate winter kits of warm clothing, blankets, or heaters to help protect our fellow human beings from the cold this winter.

$150 can give warmth to a family by providing a heater

$60 can protect someone in need from the cold with a winter kit of warm clothing
$10 can be warmth and comfort for an individual or a family in the form of a blanket
Please give your end-of-year tax-deductible donation today and let your generosity warm their hearts.

May Allah (swt) shield you from the harshness of this world just as you are shielding those in need from the bitterness of this winter. Ameen.

Please Note: Many employers offer corporate matching gift programs that may help double the impact of your donation. To check if such a program is available at your place of employment, please click here.